Empty parks …

Every time I take Emma to the parks near our house, they are essentially empty.  We go multiple times a week at different times.  Once in a while there will be one or two other kids at the playground, but it is rare.  The playground equipment and the swings are empty.  Giant field empty.  Baseball diamond empty.  Pretty well maintained soccer pitch empty.  It’s a shame that public areas like these are going to waste.  Especially since they are maintained pretty well.


I know taking care of children is hard.  I have no idea what my parents did when Netflix didn’t exist.  We had a tv with literally 4 channels and I was never allowed to watch it anyways.  I can only assume that all the children are at home watching tv or playing video games.  It is difficult to pry Emma away from Paw Patrol, but once she is outside riding her bike, playing with bubbles, or on the playground equipment, getting her to come home is infinitely harder.  I guess this is why the obesity rates worldwide are increasing for both children and adults.  We increasingly do less and less activity, and eat increasingly more disgusting food.  We saw that first hand when going to the water park at Great Wolf Lodge, and the number of kids that looked obese.


Those numbers don’t look pretty for us, and even worse for the United States. Certainly a problem that needs addressing in the immediate future.

R.I.P. Grantland

It was a sad day when Grantland closed its doors to the internet.  It was the best site for long form magazine length articles on topics ranging from sports to politics to pop culture.  It was a place where you could get lengthy well written and well researched articles instead of what is usually available on the internet like articles spread across 30 pages with little content on each so you have to click to see more ads every paragraph.  Grantland was also the birthplace of Zach Lowe’s detailed NBA analysis.

When Bill Simmons left ESPN and went to HBO to start the Ringer, he stated that it wouldn’t be the same as Grantland.  The long form articles are mostly gone, replaced by much shorter articles with estimated read times in the header.  I guess he is giving the people what they want (because no one likes to read??!?!?!?!?) … and we went from 5000 word Zach Lowe masterpieces on how to guard the pick and roll to trash-tier Gawker style articles like this:

The new hotness …

Well … made my one ball shoe purchase of the year.  The Adidas Crazy Explosive Xeno. Ridiculous $115 off the regular price. Can’t argue with that.

Ya ya Bonnie.  Broke my own rules of buying multiple colourways of the same shoe. Well it’s my favorite shoe of all time, and the rules have changed a bit since it’s only one pair per year now.

They are reflective which is super useless. Oh well … happy birthday to me!

Who likes short shorts?!!?!?!!?


Brought back the short shorts. Got a good laugh from the guys. I think I’m gonna stick with it for a while because I was en fuego … and I’m absurdly superstitious. Two game winning threes including a walk up 30 footer from inside the half-court circle. Woot.

T̶o̶r̶Detroit vs Everybody

Seeing this a lot lately. It is lame AF.


Sorry guys. Come up with your own slogans. It’s so disingenuous to pretend that you’ve never heard of it, yet your t-shirt looks exactly the same, even down to the dashes around the “vs” … sigh …