Box Score vs Reality – Cupcake Edition

If you were to just look at a box score or a Sports Center highlight package of KD’s return to OKC, you probably would feel like Russ was by far the best player in the game. However, actually watching the game showed that could not be further from the truth. Russ played terribly, and killed his team … then got suckered into a 1 vs 5 battle … and then got hot after the game was already decided to pad out his stats. had him as the LVP of the game, dramatically reducing his team’s probability for victory more than any player that played in the game that day.

Side note … Steph was Inpredictable’s MVP. Here is a link to Inpredictable’s analysis of the game. Warning … lots of nerdy numbers and graphs.


Over the past few months my friend Kevin has helped me unload most of my shoes that have been sitting unused in my closet for years. There is a great detoxifying feeling with the removal of those shoes from my life. The guilt of frivolous consumption is gone, and at least someone else is hopefully making better use of those shoes that I did. Either that or someone just inherited my problem. Every year we collect up all our unwanted and unused stuff and donate it all, but for some reason it has always been hard to let go of my shoes.

This spiritual cleansing has made me think of how silly the shoe game is. For me, the stupidity falls largely into two separate categories:

Sad people who are unable to form opinions on their own and rely on the internet to tell them what to like. Spend absurd amounts of money of ridiculously manufactured scarcity for “hyped” releases. Just because they took the same exact shoe and slapped “BAPE” or “SUPREME” or “OVO” on it, or some other collab of a collab of a collab doesn’t make the shoe worth 50 times more than the general release. I still can’t believe people are lining up to pay $300 for Jordans where they are removing tech (ex. Jordan XV removal of zoom bag) and made with cheaper materials, and at times do not even look like the OGs. Also … $300 for shoes with quarter decade old tech. The internet hive mind at work, with clones upon clones upon clones all making the same exact Youtube videos. No one needs to see another person in their bedroom meticulously holding a pair of exclusive shoes using the same lexicon of “crispy” or “hype” or “fresh” or “clean” … followed by a shot of said clone putting on the shoes with jeans on … bouncing up and down ever so slightly as to not crease the shoes. Followed by storing away the shoes never to be seen again. I’m hoping for the crash … Beanie Babies 2.0. Thankfully it has already happened for performance basketball shoes and prices are coming down. Now they are just cleaning up with pretend performance but really casual shoes like the Pure Boost and the UltraBoost. It’s absurd that they are charging $200+ for casual shoes … and their real core running line all can be had for $160.

I play basketball a lot, and with that comes the unfortunate desire to have every single pair of ball shoes ever. There has been a deluge of shoe reviews copy pasting some of the originators like WearTesters and KicksGenius. The same setup videos with basketball “training” … clever video edits to mask that dudes can’t even make more than one shot in a row ever … followed by the same traction test … followed by bedroom commentary. It’s nice to get an opinion … but c’mon guys … let’s not get too serious. Professional athletes are putting their careers at stake and are fine with pretty much whatever is out there. Mushy Boost isn’t making Andrew Wiggins any less explosive. There isn’t any real scientific backing behind “feeling” responsiveness making your cuts any quicker or doing anything beyond a placebo effect. I’ve run thousands of kilometres in Boost, Zoom Air, Gel, etc etc and while you can feel some differences if you are walking around and thinking about it … once you get going you stop thinking about it. The same goes for ball … once I start playing I don’t ever think about the shoes anymore. I mean NBA Players are rocking those team shoes from Nike, Adidas and Under Armour … if it’s good enough for a professional player I’m sure it’s fine for weekend warrior.

Anyways … since I skipped the winter season this year running I should have enough to last 2017 with the Nike Zoom Odyssey with only 43 km on it and a brand new pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost ready to go. Trying to not get any ball shoes as I have found my holy grail in the Adidas Crazy Explosive PK. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION – DON’T BUY ANY BALL SHOES IN 2017.