The new hotness …

Well … made my one ball shoe purchase of the year.  The Adidas Crazy Explosive Xeno. Ridiculous $115 off the regular price. Can’t argue with that.

Ya ya Bonnie.  Broke my own rules of buying multiple colourways of the same shoe. Well it’s my favorite shoe of all time, and the rules have changed a bit since it’s only one pair per year now.

They are reflective which is super useless. Oh well … happy birthday to me!

What’s old is new is old again?!?!?!!?

Reports just came out that the best selling sneaker of 2016 was the adidas superstar, a shoe released in 1969.  Coming off a wave of year by year success of re-releasing older shoes by Nike, adidas finally got wind of the situation and decided to they liked money too.  The one resounding difference, is that the superstar is a relatively cheap shoe, versus the $275-$300 monstrosities that Jordan brand has been blessing us with over the years.

The desire for items of the past is nothing new from all forms of media and culture.  I cannot remember the last tentpole AAA movie that wasn’t a comic book movie, or a re-imagining of an older movie, or an adaptation of an existing property.  The running conversation with one of my friends is that there will never be another big budget original movie like the Matrix.  There is too much money at stake, where you can just pull from an existing franchise that you know will make money regardless of the actual quality.  Want to see Martha Wayne get shot again in an alley?  Let’s do it!

When it comes to shoes, there is a segment of the market that longs for the shoes that they could not afford when they were younger.  Back when you wanted Jordan’s but your mom bought you Racerboks (yup that is right … so gangster that you are wearing knock-off Reeboks).  I start to wonder how big this segment is … versus the hypebeast population … ready to buy whatever big ticket item that Instagram tells them is the new hotness.

I used to be in the longing for days-never-gone-past segment.  I got the infrared Air Max 90s.  The scream green Huarache LEs.  Then Nike went on to oversaturate the market so much with colour-ways of the 90s and Huaraches that I somehow do not like the shoe anymore.  It looks like Adidas is at least doing some interesting stuff fusing newer technologies like primeknit and boost into their retro-stylings.  Now I can’t even be bothered with the sneaker game outside of picking up a pair of two of the best to play basketball in each year.  With a toddler that seems to want to step onto my feet and have me walk around with her on top of them at every opportunity … discount Chuck II’s  4 lyfe.

Being old means sleep is now required

I am closer to 40 than 30 now.  Being able to operate on little sleep is a distant memory.  I am writing this post with Oliver strapped to me, as this is the only way he seems to be able to sleep.  When he wakes and loudly requests sustenance from Maisie, he will wake up Emma, and the cycle will continue trying to get her back to sleep.

In grade school, I used to use a flashlight under the covers to read books and play gameboy instead of sleeping.  I’d feel no ill effects because you know … I’m 12 years old.  Into high school, I’d have basketball practice, come home and get my homework done … and be up for practice before school.  Into University, all nighters for assignments and exams, counter strike …. waking up at 2 AM and practicing breakdancing because \_(ツ)_/¯ …. you could catch up the next day with some more sleep.

Even into work after University, there would be nightly Gears of War sessions with Alvin after we told Maisie and Steph that we had gone to sleep … wake up for work the next day.  Rinse.  Recycle.  Repeat.

Now?  I’m going to be intaking more caffeine than I probably should tomorrow and I will still be a zombie.  Being old is AWESOME.

Formula for success??!?!??!?

Take NBA basketball.
– one referee (2 instead of 3)
+ every single charge/block is a charge so everybody is sliding under everybody to try to draw them
+ 1500% more game stoppages
+ 1500% more fouls
+ letting people sit in the key cuz zone
– offensive talent
– offensive scheme

College ball has been hard to watch for a while now.  There is so much holding and grabbing, and teams just aren’t very good on offense.  Golden State routinely puts up more points in a quarter in a half than most college teams do in an entire game.  I suppose people will blame the one and dones, and that is a whole other argument, but the game is pretty much unwatchable.

HB 2? This is Mississauga … not North Carolina …

Was in the nursing lounge today at Square One with Maisie, helping her as she fed Oliver. Kept getting the evil eye from another mom according to Mase. I didn’t see because I was trying to be polite and just had my back to everybody (we were in the corner). We were also there for quite some time before anybody else even showed up. Not sure what that lady’s issue was, because families are allowed in there. A security guard has to buzz you in, and the lounge has UNISEX bathrooms in it!