Fish for thought …

Maisie has eaten sushi two nights in a row and now I’m rather jealous.  Her company pays for her meals when they work late and apparently the stipend is enough to allow them to eat some pretty fancy food.  What I wouldn’t give for some chirashi right now.  Well, perhaps eating at 11:46 at night is not the best idea.  Anyways, I want to eat sushi on the weekend but I doubt Maisie will want to, since she has been spoiled silly lately with that particular delicacy.

I’m not sure what has caused this change in me, but I really like to eat fish now.  I used to despise eating fish and couldn’t stand the taste or the texture.  Well, I guess that doesn’t mean much because I used to think Burger King was fine dining.  I think it all started with the first time I tried sushi, and after that it was like a deck of cards falling down.  I started eating steamed fish again, which I used to hate, as well as salmon steaks.  It’s odd that we eat steamed fish almost every weekend now.

Maybe one day I won’t like steak anymore.  Hmmm …. nah.

Photoshop FTW!

So apparently it’s not my filter at all, and it’s dim tungsten lighting that is causing that red hue in my pictures when I shoot at high ISO. Mike took the original picture and in a matter of minutes cleaned it up quite nicely. I’m going to have to get me some Photoshop action.

The before pictureThe after picture

There is so much to learn. I think I may have to take some photography courses. It is a lot easier than trying to learn on your own or off the web. I guess I am too impatient these days to really take the time out to slowly learn something on my own.

The rebirth …

I’ve finally decided to use somebody else’s code for the blog system.  The system that I wrote had become tiresome to update, and as I learn more and more about web development at work, I see all the security holes in the system that I had before.  Username/password to my SQL server in plain text and a simple 2 tier architecture were among many in the laundry list of no-nos of my old system.  I decided to make the change after I saw the amoung of SQL injection in my database.  Luckily none of that ever showed up on my actual page, but there was some nasty spam hiding in the database. 

 So I am moving on to WordPress.  I had been using Menalto Gallery, so I decided to give another one of the Dreamhost freebies a go.  I had used it previously for my ELEC 490 blog that was never really updated, so I never really got a chance to use it much.  It seems fairly robust, and allows for a lot of visual changes through the use of templates and CSS.  While it is not as fun to say that I use somebody else’s code, my older page will still live on I guess as an archive of sorts.  I just need some time to lock it up in terms of security before it becomes public again.  It was a valiant effort as my first stab at creating a database driven web application.  Someone less nerdy would have resorted to xanga or livejournal or whatever the heck people are using now.