Box Score vs Reality – Cupcake Edition

If you were to just look at a box score or a Sports Center highlight package of KD’s return to OKC, you probably would feel like Russ was by far the best player in the game. However, actually watching the game showed that could not be further from the truth. Russ played terribly, and killed his team … then got suckered into a 1 vs 5 battle … and then got hot after the game was already decided to pad out his stats. had him as the LVP of the game, dramatically reducing his team’s probability for victory more than any player that played in the game that day.

Side note … Steph was Inpredictable’s MVP. Here is a link to Inpredictable’s analysis of the game. Warning … lots of nerdy numbers and graphs.

Who likes short shorts?!!?!?!!?


Brought back the short shorts. Got a good laugh from the guys. I think I’m gonna stick with it for a while because I was en fuego … and I’m absurdly superstitious. Two game winning threes including a walk up 30 footer from inside the half-court circle. Woot.

Arbitrary Olympic Rules

There does not seem to be a lot of consistency surrounding how many competitors from each country are allowed to compete in each event. From my perspective it should be limited to one per country, allowing for substitutions due to injury. Otherwise, you have countries inflating their medal counts, as with swimming and it’s ridiculous number of super similar events.

As an example, in table tennis, countries used to be allowed to send three competitors per country. Of course China swept all the medals for men and women. In London, they made a change to only allow for two competitors per country, and China won all the golds and silvers accordingly. A quick look at the ITTF world rankings shows that if they did not limit the number of players per country they would have not only swept the medals, but likely taken fourth place as well.

1. Ma Long CHN
2. Fan Zhendong CHN
3. Xu Xin CHN
4. Zhang Jiike CHN

If only this extended to basketball as well, allowing for three American teams. That would make the tournament incredibly exciting to field three all-star teams all trying to get the gold.