Why the environment is f*cked and why people are obese

The other day, I was walkout out to the plaza behind our townhouse complex to Pizzaville to grab some dinner. As I am walking out of the complex, a black Hyundai SUV pulls to the stop sign at the entrance of the complex to leave. I walk across and everything is fine. This is not a pedestrian rage incident. Then I see the SUV pull into the plaza and four frat bros get out and go into Pizzaville. They grab a pizza each, and head back into the car. As I am walking home I see the SUV parked on the other side of the complex. They drove from inside the complex to the plaza which is directly adjacent to it. Here is what Google Maps says about the distance from my house to Pizzaville.

290 meters. Even close for the bros since they live on other side of the complex. We’ve gotten to a point where people are too lazy for a 3 minute walk. GG global climate and Canadian obesity rates.

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