The worst point guard ever …. #11 …. TJ Ford

The media is a funny animal.  It latches on and perpetuates a stigma on various players and never ever lets go.  Once you are branded a certain type of player, it is almost impossible to de-brand yourself.  The only medicine is winning.  If you win, suddenly all your faults are gone, even if you are still doing them.  Moody as he may be, Steph hasn’t been a shoot first point guard in years, but he’s never been able to shake that label, mostly because of the Knicks being terrible.  Chauncey and Sheed haven’t changed one bit, but rings sure seemed to cure everything in Detroit.

 This brings us to one TJ Ford.  Over the past few games he has brought ballhoggery to a new level.  I’ve watched Kobe and Jordan play on bad teams.  I’ve seen Steph and Franchise play in their primes.  Never before have I seen this level of “shooting first”.  One game Ford managed to go thirteen straight possessions without passing.  The other night against the Warriors he seemed to go the whole fourth quarter passing only to get his dribble back.  Normally, this would be wiped away if the Raptors were winning, but they are not.  Ford is nowhere near the level of the players mentioned above.  If Steph had a “shoot first” game, he’d be putting up 50 on the opposing team. 

Combined with this, is the lack of minutes given to the improved Calderon.  At least when Jose plays, the other players get to touch the ball.  I’m not sure this can be scientifically proven, but TJ Ford is the worst point guard I’ve ever seen in my life.  Ever.  Maybe he needs to continue a few more games before the hate starts.  Or maybe Toronto fans are too stupid to understand basketball.  Or maybe NBA writers are too smart to care about the Raptors.

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