… the redux

I find that I don’t really post anything of substance anymore. It’s either pictures of food that I have recently prepared, or a youtube video of Kobe doing something ridiculous. I’m not even sure why I post those, other than the fact that I’ll have something interesting to look at when I’m on my own site. To be honest I’m not much of a writer, and this site has always been about me trying to do something on a technical level rather than anything else. It was first a way to learn HTML and graphics design … and then PHP … and then data driven web apps. Although it is kind of ridiculous the number of posts that I have made. This site doesn’t even include the old ones prior to switching over to using WordPress, and the site previous to that with my custom built blog engine did not include the static hardcoded posts. It’s probably better that some of the older posts aren’t online anymore. I’m sure I spewed a lot of venom about people which I wish I could take back. It would have probably been a better idea to just disassociate with those that cause me stress rather than fire back.

Anyways, it’s probably been a few years since I have really made the effort to post something I actually cared about. It’s been a few years of just posting about the fact that I had added additional content to the site. I feel like I’m all grown up now. I have a beautiful wife, and we live in a beautiful house and for the most part, life could not be better. It took a visit from Jason to remind me that life isn’t just about work, and that other things in life are important too. So while things could be a little better at work, I shouldn’t kill myself over it. Whether or not there is some type of cosmic karmic kickback at some of the injustices that go on there should not get my Rage meter maxed out. I should be more worried about maintaining my own principles and not doing things that I would regret later on from a personal level.

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