Buy ’em out boys!

Well, Billy G gave his last keynote ever this past sunday at CES 2008.  People were expecting some really huge announcements, but it was pretty standard fare.  They didn’t really introduce a ton of stuff that would really excite the non-geeky.  It had a funny introduction with a ton of cameos, and finished off with a Guitar Hero III showdown that featured ringers like TipperQueen (way too good at GH3), and Slash who was actually playing a real guitar.  It didn’t have the feel of being too different than any of his other keynotes.  I guess he will be moving full time into his charitable work which is nice.  I hope MS can keep in the right direction with their ventures.

I’ve been reading a few of the fanboy comments in some of the blogs, something I try to never do now, and the amount of Apple zealotry is amazing.  People have nothing better to do but hate.  Wonder who has that much free time to engage in all these online wars.  It’s rather laughable how uninformed people are when it comes to technology.  Especially technology that the casual consumer is not really aware of, such as Microsoft’s enterprise applications.  Everything is Zune vs Ipod or Xbox 360 vs PS3 … I guess people need to get out and actually see what’s out there before making assumptions.

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