Inconsiderate people …

I had this interaction at River Grove Community Centre yesterday after Emma’s swimming class …

(Lady walks out of change stall with her son. There are bags and clothes hung up in the stall and on the bench. Keep in mind that the family change room has around 8 stalls for changing, and generally there are 50 or more kids in classes at a time).

Me: Is that your stuff in the change room?

Lady: Yes.

Me: You can’t leave your stuff in the rooms. Other people need to use the change rooms.

Lady: But my son has a class now?

Me: So? You can’t leave your stuff in here. That is what the lockers are for.

(Lady looks disgusted and grabs her stuff and moves and it out of the room. I give her the most “Go f–k yourself” cut-eye that I can as she leaves).

What is wrong with people? There are clearly more children than there are available change rooms. You want to reserve this one all for yourself? Maybe you should read the sign on every single change stall door that says that you cannot reserve rooms.

Also, shout out to the super mom that was putting everybody that was wearing outside shoes on deck on blast.

Stereotype schmereotype …

I was driving Emma home from swimming lessons at River Grove Community Centre, where I encountered 2017’s award for horrible driving. Bristol has a pretty wide bike lane. It is about half the size of a regular lane. There are pictures of bikes painted on it, and it is clearly not wide enough for even the smallest of cars. As I am driving along, there was a Toyota Echo driving very slowly in the bike lane. I thought perhaps it was just there because they had just pulled out of the plaza, and I would have to cross over the bike path to get to the right turn lane.


As I get to the intersection, the Toyota Echo mysteriously creeps up beside me, driving over the painted chevrons and the bike lane. I just think to myself “Please don’t be Asian … please don’t be Asian …” and as the car pulls up … 師奶 city. Sigh …

Back … finally

This past Wednesday, I was finally able to get back out to play basketball for the first time since February. Oliver has not been the most cooperative baby, especially compared to Emma. We decided to give it a test to see if I could get out for a few hours. Emma is on and off with whether or not she is going to require to be attached to me to sleep, so really it was a flip of a coin. Thankfully everybody stayed asleep for the time that I was out.

This was also the first time that I got to play at Hershey Sportzone. It is a huge complex with multiple basketball courts, as well as indoor soccer fields. It is a really nice facility. It also happens to be the practice facility for the Raptors 905 G-League team. That means NBA 3-point lines. The longer line has really cut down on the number of bad threes at the run. Although there were a ton of airballs for those that did attempt. I went 4-6 from distance, but it’s going to take time to get the rest of my game back. I turned if over a lot. Much better than playing on the crappy courts outside though.